2-post gratitude challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to help our Keiki Pa'ani Parent community instill meaningful and lasting gratefulness in their toddlers with a little help from our very own communities and nature. 

Complete this challenge by December 31, 2019 to receive an additional free 30 minutes of play time



1. Go to any community park or public location.

2. Ask your keiki to pick any natural item they find.

3. Ask your keiki any of the questions for each of the 4 categories below. - It does not matter how your keiki responds, the experience and exposure to the mindfulness is what matters most.

4. Summarize their answers on a FB or IG post with the following tags: @keikipaani #keikichallenge


1. Must have 2 separate posts. Videos are perfectly acceptable & preferred.

2. Must be 2 different areas AND 2 different items from nature - please identify the name of the location with a location tag or mention it in the post.

3. Must answer a minimum of 1 question for each of the categories (Notice, Think, Feel, Do).

4. Must make a minimum of a 1 hour reservation to qualify for the additional 30 minutes of play time. Reservation must be made for any open day no later than March 31, 2020.


~ CALL TOday to make your reservation ~

~ 808-859-9542 ~

~ Located near the Kunia Walmart ~

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