*For all 'ohanas*

1. Non-Walking Infants are FREE and do NOT count towards the max per reservation option

2. Prices shown do not include taxes& fees which will be on your bill

3. All reservation times cover BOTH play and shower time, please kindly adhere to your reservation. If you need to stay past your reservation please just let me know and I will try my best to accommodate.

OPTION 1: $25

1hr, up to 2 people

OPTION 2: $40

2hrs, up to 4 people

Extra person: $5

Non-Walking Infants are FREE

Extra TIME: $10

for 30 minutes or fraction thereof

& Add-ons:
A - Jr. chef zone:

$5 Help your silly keiki perfect their mud pie recipe with all the right mud kitchen supplies. Ages 0 and up.

B - monster truck rally:

$5 Monster Trucks and Ramps to encourage introductory STEM curiosities. Ages 0 and up.

C - MUD paint:

$5 Bring out that budding artist with all natural mud paint. Ages 0 and up.

D - Paleontologist dig:

$8 Practice hand-eye coordination while your little one satisfies their innate digging capabilities. PLUS you can take the home TWO Dinos and accompanying tiny hand tools. Ages 0 and up.

E - Big bubbles:

$5 for unbeatable wonder, awe, and giggles powered by XL bubbles.

kindergarten readiness diagnostic:

$25 Comprehensive analysis reported to parent after observations from a series of a minimum of 2 visits. 4 & 5yrs old only.

Flag Football Basics:

$5 for 15 minutes of one-on-one instruction. Ages 2yrs &up.


Menehune Stand Fill Your Own Cup - $1

Bottled Water - $1

CapriSun - $1

Fresh Squeezed Juices - $4

Aguas Frescas - $7

Frozen treats:

GoGurt - $1

Organic Ice Pop - $1.50

Ice Cream Sandwiches - $2

Frozen Fruits - $3 (Snack Bag size)

Dry snacks:

SkyFlake Crackers - 2 for $1

Cereal Bar - $1.50

Trail Mix or similar - $3

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