Grounding PLay time with your tots & beyond

The mission of the keiki pa'ani project will always be based on safe toddler freedom

Open a door to the outside, and you open a whole new world to your toddler


Schedules are helpful for sanity, but toddlers need room to wiggle in both space and time


Nature gently gives a toddler many lessons from all possible angles

soft opening: PAU

GRAND opening: TBD

Now accepting reservations HEre


  1. What are your hours of operation? Currently Open Play is available by Reservation from 6am - 8pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Sundays. CLICK HERE to see the most current availability.
  2. Are there restrooms? Yes, clean & indoors.
  3. Can I leave my child to run a quick errand? Not at this time but CLICK HERE to check out our Keiki Mahi'ai Program, offered on Friday mornings!
  4. Can I bring my dog? Not at this time.
  5. Is there somewhere to sit? Yes, there are shaded areas to sit and relax.
  6. What sort of things should I bring to clean up? Price includes time for a good rinse off and anti-microbial soap. Please feel free to bring whatever else you feel your family needs to get cleaned up and scroll below for details on our"Pau Play Package" which will cover everything including towels.
  7. Will the adults get dirty too? At a minimum everyone will probably need to at least rinse off their feet before re-entering their vehicle.
  8. Will there be refreshments available for purchase? Yes.
  9. What forms of payment does KPA accept? Cash is preferred on the day of visit (for customers making a reservation deposit). All card transactions will incur a 4% processing fee in addition to HI Sales Tax.
  10. Are reservations required? The jury was out for a while but the decision has finally been made: Drop-Ins are allowed, however, PLEASE see restrictions below.
  11. How long are the reservations? Reservation by deposit = 60 minutes to play and shower; Reservation by prepayment = 90 minutes to play and shower.
  12. Do I get a refund for inclement weather? Yes! or you can reschedule for free - whatever works best for you :)
  13. What will my keiki gain from this space? Working on "About" page.
  14. How is Keiki Pa'ani - 'Aina involved in the community? This information will also be on the "About" page in the works.


"My kids were asking when we could come back before we left the driveway"

"It was nice to visit a place where the kids can get dirty intentionally"

"I like that it's a not a 'Clean' dirty, it's for real dirt, mud, and fun."

How can you attend? there are 3 options


Option 1: $10 deposit
Deposit counts towards a $20 Entrance Fee & Includes:
  • 90 minutes total (play+shower time) for a party of up to 3*,
  • Additional attendee rates (paid for on the day you visit):
    • $7 per additional attendee
    • Maximum of 6 total people per 'ohana*

Deposit is non-refundable, however the pre-pay option IS refundable

Option 2: 100% Pre-pay
$40 (BEST DEAL) Includes:
  • Guaranteed Parking for 1 vehicle on Private Property,
  • 120 minutes total (play+shower time) for a party of up to 4*,
  • Guaranteed Xtra Fun Packages availability (must pre-pay),
  • Towels & Bag for wet clothes
  • Discounted rate for additional attendees:
    • $5 per additional attendee
    • Maximum of 6 total people per 'ohana*

Pre-payment IS refundable** UP TO 48hrs advance notice by customer, (**minus $15 per reservation)

 OPtion 3: Drop-In
$30 CASH ONLY Includes:
  • 60 minutes of (play+shower time) for a party of up to 4*,
  • Towels & Bag for wet clothes
  • $7 per additional attendee
  • Request by phone call to ask for Drop-In attendance is REQUIRED.
  • Acceptance of Drop-In request is NOT guaranteed.
  • Parties with reservations have priority for driveway parking.
***PLease Do NOT to stop by unannounced & BEWARE:
Our family guard dogs are very protective and will be "on duty" when there are no customers on the premises.***

xtra fun featured packages & add-ons

Pau Play
Jr. Chef Zone
Monster Truck Rally
Mud Paint
Paleontologist Dig
Big Bubbles
Kindergarten readiness diagnostic
Flag football basics

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